Jonathan Malko

Case Studies - Continuing Education LMS for Saint Luke Institute

The first of many online schools I have built for business. I proposed and helped them build a business model based on my previous experience in continuing education.

When I engaged with SLI, their online effort was many months into building out a bespoke platform with the ability to turn out 2 flash-based courses per year. I began to identify their strengths and come up with a plan to get them working in a matter of two weeks.

SLI sent instructors out to remote locations to teach seminars - so I proposed to record them

I have built out video-based online course websites before - I whipped up a concept in about a day with features that the other company said may take months to do

The website and business evolved over the years and become sophisticated. All along, however, the education director has been able to self-manage with the tools and plan I built up.

Education director hosts monthly live webinars, which are converted to on-demand courses

SLIconnect hit over 6 figures in ARR the first year and accomplishes its main purpose in providing counseling and mental continuing ed to people who cannot afford to travel and take time away from their clients.

I have developed a mobile app (iOS and Android) to allow for offline viewing.

AVI OnDemand - Continuing Education for Automotive Service Professionals

AVI has been in the business of producing and selling training videos to the aftermarket automotive industry since he 90's. I worked with them early on in my career and as season's changed, they found themselves with a website that didn't sell and an LMS that was too unwieldy for their team to manage, let alone their customers actually use.

Consequently, DVD was still the preferred format until they reached out to me in 2015.

In a month, I was able to migrate 20,000 users, their purchases and course progress, and 3 websites. This became the kickoff for AVI to be able to deliver online at lower cost, up the benefits to their customers, and to gain new lines of business, setting up custom configurations for clients and reselling their content to other platforms.

The platform I built them allowed AVI to pivot from a direct sales model to being able to sell online and to be able to make a name for themselves among the big players in the automotive training industry. The story of their revenue trajectory reversed, and they have reached unprecedented levels of profitability.

New Vietnamese Bible

This organization came to me with a desire to post their entire Bible translation online and provide information and a shop both in Vietnamese and English. During the sitemap-building process, I was able to help this client develop major communication pieces in addition to what they hired me originally for - a stable, bilingual web app.

Later on, they commissioned me to build an iOS/Android app for offline reading. I have been proud to have been able to continue serving this organization throughout the years.

Lifequipt - Tools for Transitioning Out of US Military

This startup needed an affordable, capable solution to get their business off the ground. I was able to step in quickly, provide technical and business guidance, and build a cross-platform iOS/Android app in order get the ball rolling. The admin tools I built to allow their team to update and upload new content allow the team to grow their business without being concerned about my schedule.