Jonathan Malko

Creative Competencies

My professional creative career started in 2003

My creative career began at 16 producing and selling live event DVDs - shot, edited and distributed. Then I moved on to work with a video training company. Full-service video production was my jam for a long time.

Fast forward nearly 20 years and I have worked with more education companies, fortune 500 companies, the news, TV, the government, and many others - making commercials, reality tv, and training videos

In 2007, I added to my range of service to help customers with their web projects

Building out sites that actually accomplish their goals. Unlike many agencies my customers hired - on time and budget, reliable, and cutting edge. I consider the destination first, then find the way to get there. As a business owner, I understand the important of timing and these previously mentioned considerations.

Online Education

I have built several online schools on behalf of my continuing education customers over the past decade. In all cases, legacy solutions were in place and needed to be adapted to something modern.

With a team of one or few, my clients are able to administrate the LMS site themselves, while spending more time focusing on content and marketing. Win win.

Mobile Apps (iOS and Android)

I have published cross-platform mobile apps in order to serve offline and local purposes for my customers.

Marketing Websites & SEO

Marketing websites with good technical foundations and content originality. My approach starts with customer research and ends with a site that is not just visually impressive, but also very practical and usable. These are qualities I do not compromise on, even if th rest of the world tells me to "just make it big and fluffy".

My technical competencies range from building real-time applications to brochure websites.

You will find me using these tools on a regular basis:

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