Jonathan Malko

First lesson in building websites

What are websites?

They are a set of documents made of HTML, CSS and Javascript that show text, images, sounds, videos, and animations. They are made interactive by forms.

In order to build a web page you will need to learn the basics of HTML and CSS. Then we will move onto Javascript. The point of any other language used in web programming have to do with using a computer to make HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


What is HTML? Stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML isn't code, it is 'markup' that is, it is a plain text document with tags to indicate what is a heading, paragraph, link, image, etc. A list of plain instructions.

What is CSS? Stands for Cascading Style Sheet. It is a set of instructions to the browser on how to display the HTML. Do we want to roll with the standard black text or do you want it to be red? Do you want a border around the heading? Do you want to have a colored button instead of colored text with an underline for a link?

What is Javascript? A real coding language that runs on the visitor's computer or phone. It can do math, animations, and many other things. Most websites these days use Javascript for one thing or another to enhance the user experience.

Getting Started

Building individual web pages is not complicated. You should know how to create HTML and CSS before you move onto anything else that may be called "real programming". All you need is a computer, a browser, and Notepad (or TextEdit on Mac). Review the following video for a breakdown on how to get started making your very own web pages.

Learn how to build HTML:

Learn how to build CSS:

Lesson Assignment

Do move through the w3schools tutorials before you proceed.

I want you to build a simple homepage, using one of my older websites as a reference. This page has all the basic elements used in website building - do this and you will already have a marketable skill!

The webpage I want you to build is the homepage of See the video to get started. Reference w3schools first before reaching out. Knowing where to get information is a valuable skill to develop in building websites. Give it a shot, turn it in, then we'll discuss.